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Sparkling Matcha green tea - 70MG of natural caffeine + L’Theanine in every can. Unsweetened. Nothing artificial.


Matcha Green Tea + Plant M*lk - 60MG of natural caffeine + L’Theanine in every can, straight from the leaf. No added sugar, nothing artificial 

About Us

We’re everyday energy from Matcha Green Tea. We don’t do artificial ingredients, and we don’t do the crash they come with. Matcha is loaded with natural caffeine + a powerful amino acid called L’theanine (the secret weapon). Long lasting energy, straight from the leaf.


We believe in doing things differently, and being radically transparent in how we do it. We’re here to fuel a new generation of challengers, creatives and hustlers. The guys that take a stand against the old, and make their own way. 


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