Matcha Green Tea + Oat M*lk
Matcha Works Matcha Green Tea + Oat Milk Ingredients -
Matcha Green Tea + Oat M*lk

Matcha Green Tea + Oat M*lk

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Matcha Green Tea + Oat M*lk

Ingredients: Water, Oats (16.5%), Rice, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Matcha Green Tea (0.8%).

  • Vegan, Dairy Free & No Added Sugar
  • 60MG of caffeine per can

We’re everyday energy from Matcha Green Tea. We don’t do artificial ingredients, and we don’t do the crash they come with. We’re here to fuel a new generation of challengers, creatives and hustlers. The guys that take a stand against the old, and make their own way.

Shake up + Serve Chilled - We don’t do rules but this is important.

Available in 6 or 12 pack.

Storage: Keep cool + dry.

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