Matcha 101

We’re on a mission to bring Matcha to the people. Calm + focused energy, straight from the leaf. We call it Matcha energy. We started Matcha Works to go up against the huge crashes of coffee and the sugary lows of energy drinks. Drunk for its zen-like focus, Matcha is a powdered green tea leaf. Because you consume the whole leaf, Matcha is an antioxidant and energy powerhouse. Get the full low-down here.

Caffeine + L’theanine 

Matcha’s secret weapon. Each cup contains a similar amount of caffeine as a coffee (for real), but Matcha is also full of an amino acid called L’theanine. They combine for the cool, calm, collected energy we call Matcha energy.


Off the charts. Because you drink the whole leaf with Matcha, every cup has 10x the antioxidants as a cup of regular green tea.

Metabolism boosting 

One of the main antioxidants in Matcha, known as EGCG, is a metabolism-boosting superstar. EGCG has been shown to kick-start metabolism and halt the growth of fat cells.

We’re bringing Matcha to the 21st century. We created 3 unique ranges to fit into a modern, urban lifestyle and bring Matcha to the people (without all the bad stuff).

Our Matcha Oat Latte is a modern classic. Creamy Oat M*lk and Organic Matcha. 2g’s of Matcha per can No added gums, stabilisers, or emulsifiers ... and never any added sugar (duh).

 Straight Up Sparkling Matcha is a Japanese OG with a modern twist. Sparkling water + Organic Matcha for a natural energy boost. No sugar, no sweeteners - you know the deal. 70mg Caffeine (The same as a coffee…) without the crash + jitters of aforementioned coffee.

 Never forget the original. In every cup, can and sachet we use the same Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha. Fresh from Kyoto, through your letterbox. 






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