What is Matcha Green Tea 🍵? 

Matcha is a Japanese green tea leaf, dried out and ground down into a fine green powder. Because the whole leaf is milled down, you consume all the good stuff (Infusions aren't really our thing). Loaded with natural caffeine + a calming amino acid called L'Theanine, it's plant-powered energy without the bad stuff. All of our Organic Matcha is sourced from a small family plantation in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. 


How much caffeine is in Matcha ⚡️? 

Each 1g of our Matcha contains approximately 34mg of natural caffeine. Matcha is loaded with L'theanine, so there's no crash that comes with the caffeine. It's everyday energy, straight from the leaf.


Vegan 🌱?

All of our products are 100% vegan. All plants, all the good stuff. 


Why are we packaged in a can 🔄: 

Wait, you're in a can but not fizzy? We wanted to package in the most recyclable options we could possibly find - the aluminum can. Cans are also really cool. 


Shipping 🚛

We have 2 options for shipping.

Light shipping (will cover all Matcha sachets in the UK) = Next day (99p)

Heavy shipping (Will cover all of our cans in the UK) = Next Day (£1.99)

PS: All orders over £20 will include free next-day shipping, stock up here.                  


Manage my subscription 📝: 

Save 10% on all orders by choosing subscription on the product page. You can choose to deliver at whichever timeframe suits you. Cancel, skip or update details by simply logging into your account and clicking "manage subscription". You're on holiday next month, we get it. Skip your order to arrive when you get back, no problem. PS: If you're over £20 on your subscription you'll also get free next-day shipping 📦


Problem with an order 👎? 

Drop us a line here and we'll get it sorted. 


Want to stock Matcha Works 🤙?

If you would like to stock Matcha Works, give us a shout ➡️hello@matchaworks.co.uk


Payment Methods 💰:

We accept Paypal, Amazon Pay, Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.