Matcha Oat Latte (12-pack)

Matcha Oat Latte (12-pack)

Product image 1Matcha Oat Latte (12-pack)
Product image 2Matcha Oat Latte (12-pack)
Product image 3Matcha Oat Latte (12-pack)
Product image 4Matcha Oat Latte (12-pack)

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Creamy Oat M*lk and Organic Matcha green tea – in a can. No added gums, stabilisers, or emulsifiers ... and never any added sugar (duh). Naturally a little sweet from the oats, making a delicious all-natural pick-me-up. 2g of organic ceremonial grade matcha in every can, direct from Uji, Kyoto, Japan (certified by JAS Organic). Best served Ice-cold, straight from the can.

  • No added sugars
  • No gums or additives
  • 100% Vegan

Matcha Oat Latte: Water, Oats (16.5%), Rice, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Matcha Green Tea (0.8%).

(12 x 250ml cans)

Shake Lightly + Serve ice-cold straight from the can. Store cool + dry. 

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What is Matcha Green Tea?

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Matcha is a Japanese green tea leaf, dried out and ground down into a fine green powder. Because the whole leaf is milled down, you consume all the good stuff (Infusions aren't really our thing). Loaded with natural caffeine + a calming amino acid called L'Theanine, it's plant-powered energy without the bad stuff. All of our Organic Matcha is sourced from a small family plantation in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. 

How much caffeine is in Matcha?

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Each 1g of our Matcha contains approximately 34mg of natural caffeine. Matcha is loaded with L'theanine, so there's no crash that comes with the caffeine. It's everyday energy, straight from the leaf.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Awesome drink

Cannot stop

Matcha definitely works

What a great drink. ItÕs so good to get my kick of caffeine before starting the day or studying with out the jittery crashes you get from coffee / energy drinks. Also tastes great and makes me feel genuinely great on the inside. Would definitely recommend. Only a matter of time before this is everywhere!

Big fan, deffos buy again

Fantastic drink. I also love that all the packaging and SRP are recyclable too. Love that the caffeine is natural and a super tasty product. Would be good to see in supermarkets soon __

Great product

Tried these on a whim as friends are always talking about matcha. Love them! Works so well with the oat milk. Need to bulk buy!

Worth every penny

tÕs the perfect healthy alternative to your typical fizzy energy drinks. Gives you a boost without the nasty stuff - and tastes good too! Very underrated product and canÕt wait to see it in the supermarkets!

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