What is Matcha? (2 min)

Matcha differs from normal green tea in a few key ways. Firstly, Matcha leaves are shade-grown 2-3 weeks before they’re picked (see the above banner photo with the black covers), then dried and ground (see the below of traditional Matcha milling stones from our farm in circa. 2017). Because the leaves grows in the shade, this means the leaf itself produces a lot of extra nutrients as it’s having to fight for sunlight. This is where you get the extra antioxidants, higher levels of natural caffeine, and the amino acid L’theanine - which keeps you calm + focused. The second key difference is you drink the whole leaf (rather than just infused water with regular green tea), which means you’re taking on all the good stuff, not just a steeped tea leaf.


We started drinking Matcha back in 2015 and slowly learnt more about this fairly simple green tea powder. Energy drinks or coffee haven’t ever really been our thing, so we started drinking matcha as a natural energy boost. No crash, no jitters, no sugars  - just straight up. We believed we weren’t the only guys that would benefit from Matcha, and all the incredible health benefits it came with. And, here were are - bringing Matcha to the people.



If you’re on the ropes, try our 6-can trial pack with both our Oat Latte and our Sparkling Straight Up and see what you think (with P+P on us) here.

Alternatively grab 25 servings of our Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea here for only £9.99

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