The perfect Matcha Tea or Latte


The *perfect* Matcha Tea or Latte is actually super easy to create (contrary to popular belief) - you just have to focus on good quality Matcha and a good whisk! Here goes: 


1.) Measure out the Matcha

If you're using a standard 10-12 ounce cup, 1-2g's of Matcha is great (depending on how strong you would like it). In terms of caffeine, each gram of ceremonial grade matcha has about 34mg of caffeine. For reference, a normal cup of coffee can have approx 60-70mg of caffeine (but with the dreaded crash...). Once you have a spoonful of Matcha, sieve into a cup. This isn't *essential* but will help to remove any clumps and create a super smooth consistency. 

2.) Whisk up!

Once the Matcha is in your cup, pour approx 50-70ml of warm water over the powder. You can use cold water for this too, but try not to pour boiling water straight onto the Matcha (as it can burn the Matcha and give this bitter tang). Next, grab your chasen (a traditional Japanese Bamboo whisk) or hand whisk, and mix up the Matcha into a smooth, thick mixture. It's essential you whisk to remove all the lumps < This is the most important part of the drink. 

3.) Latte or Tea? 

The last piece of the puzzle is to add either milk or water over your Matcha for a tea or latte. Iced or Hot - your call. Warmed oat milk in the winter tastes great for a slightly sweet pick-me-up (like your Oat latte cans), or just straight-up iced tea with water is a Japanese classic for warmer weather. We'll leave it up to you. 



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